The mathematics of navigation

Author(s) Edward J. Willis
Publisher J. W. Fergusson & Sons
Date 1921
Pages 538/td>
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb







To all newcomers to the world of the marine navigation, it usually seems as a sort of magic, incorporating countless data tables, formulas and strange names. Many people working on board ships as navigators have quite limited knowledge of mathematics and that is the fact. However, the navigation by its nature is rather mathematical subject and this is the way it should be actually taught.

Moreover, this is why a good understanding of mathematical concepts shall be possessed by all navigators. Note, however, that the author of this book did not o too deep into the aspects of trigonometry or spherical geometry under assumption that these could be avoided. The book is quite compact so it will not take too much of your time to address every single chapter of it, but the benefit offered by the contents are really good.

Taking into account that the mathematical foundations of the science of marine navigation remain unchanged, we do encourage all people involved in handling marine vessel to pay close attention to the information presented in the pages of this volume. It will also be interesting to the practicing mariners including those using the electronic navigation means – it is always good to know the essentials.

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