The Ocean Engineering Handbook

Author(s) Ferial El-Hawary
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2001
Pages 391
Format pdf
Size 14.5 Mb







This world popular Handbook was prepared by internationally recognized and respected industry experts. It should be used as the complete reference book to be used by the ocean engineering professionals. The publication offers readers a truly comprehensive coverage of all most important areas of both theory and practice of oceanic as well as coastal engineering and associated technology.

The main body of the present publication has been perfectly organized for easy reference and contains of six major sections, covering marine hydrodynamics and control of marine vehicles, description of the various position control systems used on the offshore ships, some modeling considerations, various aspects of the computational intelligence, examples and description of the application of the fiber optics technology in oceanography and, finally, the technology for  current measurement. The book was specifically designed to be utilized as a traditional handbook in which readers would be able to find the answers to all their question related to the ocean engineering by consulting the corresponding article.

This handbook may also be used in many different ways since it offers snapshots of the current state-of-the-art in various relevant subjects. The text part of the book is supplemented with hundreds of data tables and figures providing additional useful info.

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