The Sailing Yacht

Author(s) Juan Baader
Publisher Adlard Coles Nautical
Date 1979
Pages 400
Format pdf
Size 50 Mb







This famous book will provide readers with the truly remarkable collection of useful information about sailing yachts. It is one of the most comprehensive and professional studies conducted on the subject, covering virtually all important areas. The text part of the volume is supplemented with the perfectly detailed and colorful illustration making the understanding much easier.

All technical information is presented in a very simple and clear way, so the book will be useful even for the newcomers to the world of yachting. Among the topics covered by the authors there are classes of the sailing yachts, history of yachting, navigation aspects, sails, theory of aerodynamics and so many others. The development of the modern sailing yacht and rig has been addressed separately. Particular attention has been paid to the yacht stability being one of the critical factors affecting safety of navigation.

The types of the yachts covered in the pages of this volume include cruisers and larger yachts, dinghies and the ocean going yachts of relatively smaller sizes. The content of the book is not limited to the sails and the author has also addressed the engines installed on board yachts, and included all necessary information about the yacht propellers.

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