The Sailors Word Book

Author(s) Admiral William Henry Smith
Publisher Conway Maritime Press
Date 2010
Pages 744
Format epub
Size 4 Mb







Let us introduce a famous and classic book written by Admiral William Henry Smith. It will let landlubbers get easily familiarized with marine terminology. For example, many people may be surprised to find out that at sea a sheet is made of rope and not cloth. Even experienced mariners may discover some new meanings for everyday words in the present unique nautical reference book. It was first released so many years ago, in 1867.

This comprehensive dictionary includes more than 14000 sailing terms. This latest edition of the dictionary will be equally useful for yachting enthusiasts, fans of nautical fiction, naval history buffs and all people who like the sea. The book is a sort of alphabetical digest of the maritime terms. The author of the publication has defined the marine terms and nautical terms, including not-so-common terminology, and added some terms that, though appear now to be obsolete, are still there even in the contemporary books.

Without any doubt, we can recommend this book to anyone - it will enrich the vocabulary of marine industry professionals, and even will be interesting even to the general readers who may find there the descriptions of the terms that they may meet when reading nautical works or other related books.

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