The Seamans Handbook of Meteorology

The writing of this publication was entrusted to one of the prominent sea people of the past times, Commander Hepworth who put the whole treasure of his experience in the pages of this book in order to help the mariners of the future cover their practical demands in connection with the study of weather as applied to marine navigation.

There were several objectives, and one of them was to supply the seafaring community with the trustworthy information and knowledge about the weather, that could be used in any part of the world so that all seafarers could know what can be expected of the weather and use this knowledge for provision of the safety of their vessels. The author also wanted to enable the mariners to make the weather conditions favorable through making correct choice of the planned route, timing of the intended voyage and setting the course.

Another aim of the publication was to enable the mariners to make the best they could from the bad weather, i.e. make them duly prepared to any weather that they will experience throughout their professional life, when sailing on board different ships and in different parts of the world – needless to say that such preparation is of utmost importance.

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