The Ship - This is the debute novel by Antonia Honeywell.

Author(s) Antonia Honeywell
Publisher Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Date 2015
Pages 320
Format epub
Size 1 Mb







The debut by Antonia Honeywell, a famous writer of the novels. According to the numerous reviews, the book is powerful and interesting to read. It is a genre-defying and truly luminous novel. The book takes you to the times when the Earth is over-crowded with people and, as a result, under-resources.  Different parts of London have been burnt while others are covered with the water.

People are hungry and homeless, living in the tents placed in the city parks, sleeping in the museum. The city is full of people who are disposed and desperate. The protagonist of the book, girl called Lalla, has a relatively comfortable life as her father is a very important person having very good and strong connections with the rulers; her mother ensures that Lalla always has enough food and clean water. Her family manages to keep and maintain their comfortable apartment in London. But she has no friends and only communicates with parents...

The book tells the readers about her voyage on board the ship; this voyage has taken one hundred and fifty days; the story told by the author will make readers think deeper about what happens on our planet, take a glance at the people and their behavior, and this is quite important feature of the book.

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