The submarine pioneers

Author(s) Richard Compton-Hall
Publisher Sutton Publishing
Date 1999
Pages 182
Format pdf
Size 57 Mb







This book will be of particular interest for the people who are fond of the underwater fleet and submarines. Apart from the general information about the subject facilities, it will also provide readers with the valuable historical information. Note that this information would be hardly to find in any other sources. The content of the volume covers virtually all historical periods so the reader will be able to track the process of development of the construction and equipment of the submarines with the course of time.

There are plenty of rare and very informative illustrations to supplement the text part of the book. For some of the boats the cross sections are shown with all parts of the submarine addressed and explained. It is absolutely recommended to everyone to go through the chapters and get better idea of the submarines of the past, starting from the earliest days.

Some of the chapters are devoted to particular submarines considered famous enough to be discussed separately, for example the Britannia boat. The publication was well received in different parts of the world with the material greatly appreciated by the readers. Take your time reading it and you will not regret.

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