The weather handbook

Author(s) Alan Watts
Publisher Adlard Coles Nautical
Date 2015
Pages 260
Format pdf
Size 20 Mb







You are strongly encouraged to have a close look at this third release of the bestseller written by one of the most recognized and respected experts, explaining how the professional weather forecasts should actually be combined with the self-assessment of the observed condition of the sky in order to get to a proper local coming weather forecast.

The publication is intended to serve as a basic guidebook describing the fundamentals of the process of forming weather, and it provides the readers with the knowledge and understanding of the process required for correct interpretations of the signs of the sky. The volume has been in wide use for more than a twenty years, and the success of the previous two editions made the author prepare a third one, featuring the significantly improved and thoroughly revised content.

The text now is even more reader friendly, and supplemented with the numerous images. The explanatory part has also been improved to meet the requirements of the readers. Note that the volume also deals with the newly introduced sources of weather info, such as the internet websites and applications that provide seamen with the forecasts. It is a truly perfect intro book for those willing to understand weather better.

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