Theory of Machines

Author(s) Bewis Brunel Low
Publisher Longmans
Date 1958
Pages 529
Format pdf
Size 17 Mb







The present textbook is dealing with the subject of “Theory of Machines” but the author also included several sections addressing the topics that are not normally covered in the most of the usual books. The publication will be of practical use for the engineers and designers of the machines. The analytical treatment of brakes, for example, has been explained in detailed, with particular attention paid to the theoretical basics.

The contents of the publication includes virtually all important topics thus providing both students and professional engineers with all information they are expected to possess. The book opens with the chapters on the velocity, acceleration together with the associated analysis and diagrams, vectors, instantaneous centers. Then the author proceeds to the force and torque, work and energy, explaining each of them in detail.

After that, the main part of the publication comes where the author addresses such aspects as, for example, the dynamical similarity, and analysis of cams, friction, turning moments, flywheels, toothed gearing and so many other topics. There are numerous worked examples included for better understanding. The information is presented in a very easy-to-understand way so can be used even by the people with no deep knowledge of the subject.

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