TIG Welding Basics

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The video is devoted to one of the most widely used welding processes. The content is prepared by Ron Covell. Knowing the gas tungsten arc welding principles will be of great use for all people involved in aluminum shipbuilding.

Note that the present training video is only one of the series available at Libramar - the other parts making the complete set are covering the flux core arc welding (FCAW process), oxy-acetylene welding, arc welding, gas metal arc welding (GMAW process), metal inert gas welding (MIG process) and even the hybrid laser arc welding.

In order to have a full picture of the welding processes, we would recommend all students and even professionals in hull construction to download all parts of the training and go through the videos very carefully. The film is intended to be used as a comprehensive and easy to follow visual training aid supplementing the theoretical information that can be found in the relevant textbooks, standards and other publications.

The video features clear explanations by the experienced welding professional and is a great one for newcomers willing to understand the basics and to the welders who may find something new or just refresh their professional skills.

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