Towing operations

Author(s) IMOSTI
Publisher International Maritime & Offshore Safety Training Institute
Date 2015
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The shipboard towing operations will generally not be carried out on most of the vessels during normal service. The tugs are in use in the harbors to assist ships entering and departing the port, but the subject tugs are the ships specifically dedicated to this particular service which is an integral part of their function.

That is why the vast majority of the seafarers can only face with the necessity to engage in towing operations in case of emergency situation, where they will offer assistance to other ship or, vice versa, where some other ships assist his own ship. The AH, or anchor handling, vessels are technically able to perform towing of the monohull vessels including barges, and mobile offshore units such as the jack-ups and semi-submersible rigs changing their location of working.

The proper understanding of the equipment used when performing these operations are of great importance for anyone dealing with the towing, from its planning to the actual operation,; one should also take into account the considerations and restrictions affecting the operations. The present training file was developed and published by the specialists of the IMOSTI, or International Maritime & Offshore Safety Training Institute.

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