U.S. Battleships In Action

Author(s) Robert C. Stern
Publisher Squadron/Signal Publications
Date 1984
Pages var.
Format pdf
Size 55 Mb







The present set consists of two separate books with the content dedicated to the battleships of the American Navy fleet which fought in the Second World War. This is the important part of the naval history. These books were written by Robert C. Stern and perfectly illustrated by Don Greer. It will definitely be interesting to everyone who likes history due to the numerous famous battleships mentioned by author.

The first book addresses the so-called "old" battleships, i.e. ones built before the Washington Treaty. The second book is dealing with three major classes of "fast" battleships. The narrative text of both publications included in the volume is covering the technical development and influences of each of the classes and when/where they saw the action. The content of these volumes is capturing the critical updates that have been made to the ships of the Iowa class.

The documents include numerous ship line drawings that are showing the side views, all modification made to the hulls, missile launchers and radars plus other installed equipment. Plenty of photos demonstrating the different gunwork mounts and interior of the sixteen-inch turret have also been provided. The book is perfect for the ship modelers, naval historians, enthusiasts and even general readers.

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