Undersea warfare

Author(s) Richard Humble
Publisher Book Sales Inc.
Date 1981
Pages 200
Format pdf
Size 108 Mb







The present publication is a comprehensive account on the historical development of the submarines, starting from their first appearance back in 1914. The text of the book is supplemented with more than two hundred of detailed and high-quality photos, as well as the nautical charts and maps. The author has traced the evolution of the submarines together with their weapons, power plants including their role in provision of the global peace.

Before World War Two, the undersea battles were mainly taking place using the submersible boats – they had to come up to the sea surface on the frequent basis due to the ventilation requirement and also for recharging the batteries. The countermeasures to the submarines relied on this particular weakness, and that is why the most of the submarine attacks, causing their subsequent sinkings, were conducted either on the sea surface or near it.

Then the power revolution occurred, bringing the changes in the process of development of the naval submarines. The author has the great experience in the field, and all of it has been reflected in the pages of this brilliant publication which will be appreciated by all people interested in the subject topic.

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