Understanding Electronics

Author(s) R. H. Warring, G. Randy Slone
Publisher Tab Books
Date 1989
Pages 205
Format pdf
Size 9 Mb







Another textbook on electronics for the newcomers. The book will help beginners understand some basic electronics concepts and also let them know how the basic equipment like diodes, voltage multipliers, amplifiers and other equipment are constructed and how they work. It will be very useful for hobbyists who are willing to dabble, and the authors do not go too deep in mathematics so reading the book is not that difficult.

The publication will also be good for the professionals to check and/or refresh their technical skills. Brief contents - Abbreviations and symbols used; Alternate and direct current; Basic circuits and electric circuit laws; Capacitors and resistors; Capacitor and RC circuits; Coils and inductances; Transformers and semiconductors; Neon lamps, LEDs, and liquid crystals technologies; Other components; Tubes; Integrated circuits; IC arrays; Transistor characteristics; Amplifiers; Oscillators; Circuit diagrams and construction; Printed circuits; Radio and TV technologies; Microprocessors; Batteries, power supplies, and chargers; High-voltage power supplies; Symbols and equations. Definitely recommendable book for all electronics specialists, students and enthusiasts.

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