Understanding the Filipino Seaman

Author(s) Tomas D. Andres
Publisher Denclav Maritime Agency, Inc.
Date 1991
Pages 31
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb







This publication will be useful for the bridge and deck teams of the ship with Filipino crew members working on board. It was prepared by Dr. Tomas Andres, recognized intercultural consultant focusing on the culture of Philippine for expats of international and multinational companies and organizations.

Obviously, every ship aster and officer must be capable of extending the positive understanding towards the crew members under their command. Getting to know and understand colleagues is a key to professional success. In his book, the author has made an attempt t prepare a concise yet thorough study of Filipino etiquette, mores, values, customs and manners that would show the similarities and differences in behavioral expectations arising at the time when ship Masters and officers come to work and live with Filipinos.

In fact, the publication is intended to serve as a useful tool for building good intercultural relations and it also may be used informally by any individual planning to work with Filipinos but who did not have a chance to attend the training on intercultural relations. Of course, coming to terms with different people belonging to other cultures is sometimes difficult and time-consuming but we recommend you to go through this book and familiarize yourself with Filipinos.

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