Underwater Forensic Investigation

Author(s) Ronald F. Becker
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2013
Pages 371
Format pdf
Size 11 Mb







Here is the second, fully updated and significantly expanded edition of the book presenting a truly comprehensive approach to the processing of different underwater areas and all steps required to be made to conduct the associated operations.

Ronald Becker, the author of the volume, has summarized the historical background, and covers the physics and law that are commonly applicable to the underwater investigations; the content of the volume also includes such the important topics as formation of the teams, distribution of roles, deployment and, finally, the accountability. The author has explained the procedures that could make a difference in the final results of different water-related incidents and debunked the popular myths usually associated with the submerged evidence.

This new edition of the volume contains some new chapters covering the photography, preservation of the collected evidence, release of the crime scene, contaminated sites etc. Moreover, the content of the book includes the information relating to the organizing the teams and crime investigation.

Note that there are more than a hundred of color images supplementing the main text of the book. Since the science of the water-related investigation is relatively young, this field requires useful and accurate education sources and this is one of the attempts to provide people with the reference tool...

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