underwater vehicles

Author(s) Alexander V. Inzartsev
Publisher In-Tech
Date 2009
Pages 582
Format pdf
Size 20 Mb







A thorough and comprehensive volume dedicated to the UUV, with subject abbreviation standing for the unmanned underwater vehicles. UUV family contains two separate branches - the first branch is the ROV, i.e. the remotely operated vehicles, while the second branch is AUV, meaning the autonomous underwater vehicles. Of course, each of these two branches has special advantages and limitations, plus some specific tasks.

Since there is a serious lack of the book that would cover the unmanned underwater vehicles, we are pretty sure that the content of this work will be very useful for everyone who is interested in underwater vehicles as it covers all aspects of the industry. The author has managed to cover a huge number of topics in a single volume making it a real encyclopedia of UUV in which the readers will find all required information.

Among the aspects addressed in the pages of this book there are navigating AUVs, experimental researches in the field, application of such vehicles to the surveys of underwater communications and other arrangements, guidance laws, trajectory planning, AUV identification for auto-pilot tuning, adaptive control, thruster modeling, resolved acceleration control, chemical signal-guided AUV and many others.

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