USCG Navigation Rules International-Inland

Author(s) USCG
Publisher USCG
Date 2014
Pages 202
Format pdf
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The regulatory documentation included in this pack of papers was prepared and issued by the US Department of Transportation - USCG. NavRules International/Inland as of July 2013. The publication contains Introduction, Legal Citations, Conversion Table, Navigation Rules, Interpretative Rules, Demarcation Lines in accordance with the COLREGs, Penalty Provisions, Waters that have been specified by the Secretary, Alternative Compliance, Regulations on Vessel BTB (Bridge-to-bridge) Radiotelephone Communications, possible Exemptions from the certain provisions of these Rules that can be granted, various Navigational equipment including lights, shapes and signaling equipment. Demarcation Lines as per ColRegs have also been addressed.

This set of USCG Rules have been separately marked in order to demonstrate the existing differencies between the United States Inland and the International versions of these Rulebooks by means of the four different color codes, namely yellow, orange, blue, and green - the explanation on the use of the colors is there on the first pages of the book. The publication was released by Star Path School of Navigation.

And, we would highly recommend this set of books because of the second file containing the above mentioned Rules supplemented with the valuable descriptive annotations that have been provided by the maritime professionals that will be of particular use to the people having any sort of difficulties with understanding and feeling the spirit of the Rules.

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