V.Ships Management System (VMS)

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The V.Ships Management System (VMS) is the documentation which defines the responsibilities and procedures for all staff in order to undertake the management of vessels in a safe and consistent way across the Group. The V.Ships Ship Management Office (SMO) that is assigned to manage your vessel, is there to support you and the shipboard staff in carrying out the priorities above.

It is absolutely essential that staff, both at sea and at shore comply fully with the procedures as set out in the VMS documentation. These procedures have been developed over the last 20 years utilising thousands of man/years of operational experience in order to make continued improvements with a view to preventing accidents and incidents.

In the current, increasingly complex, operating environment, the procedures developed are regularly reviewed to ensure that V.Ships continually meets or exceeds the expectations of its clients, the regulators and the public for being a high quality Ship Manager. Full compliance with these procedures ensures that vessels are operated safely with a minimum risk of pollution to the marine environment. The success of our Ship Management business is tied to our operational reputation. We must ensure that we never put this reputation at risk.

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is there any other software for management the ship not for just forms i mean to follow up with the ship management thanks alot
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