Vessel-Source Marine Pollution

Author(s) Alan Khee-Jin Tan
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Date 2005
Pages 458
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb







According to the reviews of the readers from all around the world, the author of this volume made a truly remarkable job in analyzing all complex issues relating to the marine pollution from marine vessels. As a result, this publication contains a very thorough analysis of all relevant regulations and investigation of the political and economic, as well as various social forces energizing and influencing making of the international rules.

Alan Khee-Jin Tan, the author of the volume, has also identified the most important deficiencies relating to the international maritime industry together with the regulatory system effective the whole effectiveness of the recognized rules and standards controlling the marine pollution. Moreover, the volume is suggesting various prescriptions in order to overcome or at least possibly reduce the impact such deficiency have.

There are three parts in this book. The part A is covering the regulations that are related to the vessel-source pollution in the eco-political context. The part B addresses the international legislative process and its relation to the pollution. The last part C is mainly dealing with the future of the such pollution regulation. The appendices that are there at the of the book, provide readers with the lists of treatises and articles, as well as relevant official reports and personal interviews...

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