Author(s) Randolph Pauling, William Vorus
Publisher SNAME
Date 2010
Pages 62
Format pdf
Size 8 Mb







Several quite significant technical developments and achievements have been accomplished in the area of ship hull vibration during past couple of decades allowing for serious improvements in the technologies for design of ships through avoidance of the excessive hull vibration. The present volume has been specifically designed to deal with the most important technical of the vibration of hull.

This book is opening with the intro section that provides designers with the general info and also basic definitions. The second section is dealing with the theory and concepts of vibration, including the continuous and discrete analysis together with the underwater radiated noise and ship propeller exciting forces. The third section of the title mainly covers the analysis and design issues including basic considerations plus design approaches, added mass and excitation of the diesel engine/propellers, stiffness of foundation of the main thrust bearing, approximate evaluations governing the natural frequencies of the superstructure, cavitation noise etc.

The last section of the volume covers the criteria of vibration, its measurement including design verification and corrective investigation, and post-trial corrections including both hydrodynamic and structural modifications, propeller change and determining the model constraints. Very useful title for all ship designers.

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