Voyaging with the wind

Author(s) Alan Villiers
Publisher Crown Publishing
Date 1975
Pages 68
Format pdf
Size 12 Mb







We invite all enthusiasts of the old-time sailing to have a look into this publication. This is a volume about the handling of the square-rigged ships, a truly magnificent ships seeming alive to the people, having no engine and depending solely on their sails. The book was written by the prominent expert in the field, taking readers around the world through the oceans. The narrative text of the book is absolutely perfect and so gripping.

He shares the real dangers associated with sailing the ocean and tells his readers what the expression to "know the ropes" means. Of course, handling of such vessels is not something that you can learn by reading - you need to do this yourself. But, getting such practice nowadays is a task next to impossible. The author of this book made an excellent attempt to acquaint the interested readers with the basics of sailing giving them a sort of introduction to a huge and complex subject.

According to the author, there are two fundamental skills which any ship master shall possess, namely to duly understand the ship and be able to look after her including all the sails and tackle, gear and rigging, and to sail intelligently, knowing the behavior or the main currents and winds of the ocean. This requires experience and the content of the book will give you something to start from.

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