Watchkeeping in port

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When the ship is underway, the importance of watchkeeping on the bridge is easy to see. Put simply, the officer has responsibility to ensure that the ship is safe, following the planned course and is avoiding the surrounding hazards. This is achieved only with good situational awareness. Once alongside, those responsibilities do not change. The ship must still be kept safe, all the surrounding hazards must be avoided and the operations on board must be going as planned.

Good situational awareness is equally important. Many things can go wrong – there are threats to the safety of the ship and to the safety of the individuals on board. Given this importance and the threats and risks while alongside, then it becomes clear that good watchkeeping in port is as important as good watchkeeping at sea, possibly even more important.

Your company procedures, the Master’s standing orders and chief officer’s instructions will be provide the basis for the duties of the watchkeeping officer in port. This video is going to examine some aspects of this task. It is recommended to be watched by all people on board and particularly those assigned the responsibility of watchkeeping as it will let them better understand all relevant aspects and concentrate on the most important things.

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