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The weather watcher is quite compact but very useful program developed to allow users to automatically retrieve all weather data at pre-set intervals; the software features the display of the current weather condition and temperature in a tray icon. the users are enabled to designate which of the weather information will be displayed in the tray.

Another useful function of the Weather Watcher is the conversion of all weather data, logging subject data and exporting it in any desirable format. There are several other options which you will see once you have installed the program and start using it. We would note that the program interface is simple and easy-to-use by all people and there are so many ways to customize it as you wish.

An absolutely needful and recommended program which may be used as a supplementary weather informer on the vessel and may actually be installed on any computer. No need for any cracking or activation, the program will be ready for use once it has been launched on any Windows platform.

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