welding processes handbook

Author(s) Klas Weman
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2003
Pages 193
Format pdf
Size 7 Mb







In the first release of this Handbook the standard technical overview of the welding processes and necessary guidance to the major welding techniques were provided together with their applications. Subject approach is actually retained in this latest edition of the volume, but the content has been revised and substantially expanded to reflect the recent developments in the field of welding.

The book opens with the comprehensive review of the gas welding processes followed with the professional discussion covering the theoretical basics of the arc welding, including the arc physics and sources of power. After that, several arc welding techniques are discussed, including SAW, MMAW, TIG plus other types. Remaining chapters of the handbook deal with the various types of welding including resistance ald laser plus applications of the different welding techniques to such processes as brazing, cutting, soldering, hardfacing and cladding.

The main content also addresses the general matters of mechanization, welding design, safety issues, distortion, residual stress and other important technical factors. Moreover, the economical factors, e.g. the associated costs, are also covered. This volume confirms its established reputation and remains the remarkably comprehensive yet quite concise intro to all welding processes and their practical applications...

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