Wet Damage to Cargo

Author(s) Swedish Club
Publisher Swedish Club
Date 2013
Pages 8
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The present official release by the P&I Club specialists is mainly focusing on several specific issues related to the wet cargo. The booklet starts with the intro followed by some statistical data. Then there is the information on the immediate causes and types of damaged cargo collected in the period 2008-2012, followed by the description of the water ingress detection systems, cargo hatch covers and bilge systems together with their maintenance.

Leaking covers of the manholes have also been addressed. In addition, there are several IRCA cases included in the booklet covering the flooding of the cargo holds and leaking bilge valves plus preventive measures to be implemented. The recurring issues noted when analyzing the numerous cases and include leaking covers of the manholes and holds, damaged lines and valves, and also poor condition of the rubber seals. And the main areas of concern were the insufficient experience of the crew members, not paying due attention to the bilge alarms, no proper risk assessment conducted, wrong or inadequate location of the alarm panels, insufficient maintenance and others.

The recommended preventive measures would include placing all bolts and nuts in place and tightening them, checking the completeness of the tightening additionally by two people, providing the proper operating order of the cargo hold ventilators etc.

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