12th International Ship Stability Workshop - 2011 - Monaco

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Publisher International Ship Stability Workshop
Date 2011
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   This pack of files contains the most actual proceedings of the 12th ISSW which was hosted by David Taylor Model Basin together with the SNAME Chesapeake Section in Washington, United States, in 2011. There were ten major sessions covering such the most important aspects of stability as early stage design criteria as applied to the intact stability of the vessel, compliance and regulatory matters related to the damage stability, operational issues, assessment of the vessel stability using the numerical simulation and various experimental techniques, stochastic dynamics, progressive flooding and capsize issues, basic theory and roll damping, stability issues integrated into the overall risk assessment, and, finally, design for survivability after the vessel has been damaged. The first session, as stated above, addresses the early-stage design criteria of the ship's intact stability, touching the vulnerability criteria for both surf-riding and parametric rolling, some relevant considerations on parametric roll and dead ship conditions, lateral accelerations taken into account in the ship design rules, validation attempts on the new stability criteria...

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