A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

Author(s)                 R. K. Bansal
Publisher Laxmi Publications
Date 2005
Pages 553
Format pdf
Size 45.7 Mb

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   One of the best textbooks available today. This nineth edition of the publication covers all important aspects, including properties of the fluids, pressure together with its measurement, hydrostatic forces acting on surfaces, floatation, buoyancy, flow kinematics, ideal flow, flow dynamics, mouthpieces and orifices, weirs, notches, turbulent and viscous flows, compressible and boundary layer flows, various hydraulic machines, centrifugal and reciprocating pumps, forces acting on the submerged bodies, dimensional/model analysis and many others. The chapters making this publication have all been very well arranged and provided with lucid explanations. The book has been widely recognized because of the language used by the author, R. Bansal, and the way material has been presented. It makes no difficulty to understand the content of the publication quickly thanks to the manner of explanation. The readers who have tried this book say that it is very useful and that the examples supplementing the theory are very informative. The fluid mechanics is treated as a branch of science dealing with the behavior of the fluids, including both liquids and gases, both resting and flowing - called fluid statics and dynamics, respectively. 

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