Active and Passive Vibration Control of Structures

Author(s)                 Peter Hagedorn, Gottfried Spelsberg-Korspeter
Publisher Springer
Date 2014
Pages 311
Format pdf
Size 3.5 Mb

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   This book, as it is clear from the title, is forming an issue of quite actual professional interest in numerous fields of engineering, including precision engineering. The papers selected for inclusion into this volume are bringing together the specialists of various engineering backgrounds, in order to fill in the existing gaps between the vibrations, structural mechanics and contemporary control theory. Another intention of the author was to show the links that are there between various practical applications in the structural control. The publication has been prepared and released with the main focus was to make it useful for the students and also engineers who need some practical guidance to the vibration control. The book is arranged in seven major chapters covering mechanical systems together with the associated motion and stability equations, variational principles, hybrid mass damper, provided with the tutorial example, piezoelectric and electromagnetic transducers, damping mechanisms, LMIs used in optimization of the control and, finally control plus failure diagnosis of the vibration occurring in rotating machinery using the active magnetic bearings. In short, this book offers its readers a truly unified view on both active and passive controls as well as the mechanical modeling of structures looked at from the experienced researcher's point of view...

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