All The World's Fighting Ships 1947-1995


Robert Gardiner, Robert Chesneau
 Publisher Conway Maritime Press
 Date 1996
 Pages 667
 Format pdf
 Size 145 Mb

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   This is the last volume of the Conway's famous series dedicated to the fighting ships of the world and started with the books addressing the historical periods 1860-1905, 1906-1921 and 1922 -1946. This one it is dealing with the period of time between 1947 and 1995. In this book you will find all the fighting ships grouped by countries and listed in alphabetical order, including submarines. All latest developments have been covered in this title with a very exhaustive content covering virtually every nation that have ever manned any naval vessel. The readers who have a look into this title will get a very good understanding and clear idea of the evolution of the navy fleets of the world through the design of their vessels; note that the book includes the technical descriptions of the projected classes of vessels that have actually been never constructed - they are still interesting and important for better understanding of the evolution of some navy fleets. Every naval vessel or class is clearly described in detail with the information also covering the evolution of the project supplemented with a brief account on the technical modifications that have occurred throughout the operational life of the vessels up to their final fate. Numerous photographs and drawings complete the body of this interesting and informative historical publication.

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