The Avesta Welding Manual

Author(s) Martin Laren
Publisher Avesta Welding AB
Date 2004
Pages 298
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb







This manual was developed and released by Avesta contains the recommended practices and stainless steel-relating products. The stainless steel welding is considered a complex combination of the chemistry, geometry, metallurgy and even aesthetics. The mechanical and chemical properties of the newly established welds, such as their resistance to corrosion, shall be correct and proper surface finishing shall be achieved.

It is very important to choose the best suiting welding consumables and methods. The present manual not only gives the technical details of the filler metals recommended for use when welding all steels but also provides necessary professional assistance in selection of the optimum welding techniques and methods. The content of the manual has been prepared on the basis of the huge, seventy-year experience of the specialists of Avesta company in the field of welding stainless steels of all types. One main element is the proper development of the welding electrodes and wires for the high-alloy steels and their specific applications.

When preparing this manual, valuable contributions from the welding experts were used. This title shall definitely serve as a perfect handy tool providing all people engaged in welding stainless steels, from students to the experienced specialists, with the necessary technical information covering literally all important aspects.

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