Another Great Day at Sea - Life Aboard the USS George H. W. Bush

Author(s)                 Geoff Dyer
Publisher Pantheon
Date 2014
Pages 208
Format epub
Size 5.6 Mb

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   An excellent historical volume prepared by the famous author, the world recognized expert Geoff Dyer. The author's account of his stay on board the vessel has been appreciated by the readers and has been found to be blissful and full of curiosity, featuring the real admiration for the ship crew and very difficult and dangerous work performed by the crew members. The content of the publication is truly remarkable making this book so funny starting from the very beginning and up to the end. According to the readers, it is moving, very generous and fresh. The author of this volume is deservedly considered maybe the most inquisitive writer of today, an excellent stylist and charming reporter, and this work has actually proven this fact. The readers of this book will definitely learn more about the aircraft carriers even that they ever expected. The antic, inventive and anxious mind of the author and his approach of presenting the information makes the book very popular and interesting. The content of this book is as concentrately fascinating and funny as any other publication by this author. Just have a look and we do promise you will not get disappointed as you will be impressed with the story...

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