Bridge Procedures - Emergency Procedures.


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This series considers a number of important issues in bridge resource management. This particular video is dedicated to the bridge response to the emergency situations. Everyone has heard of the shipping accidents that have grabbed the headlines of the world's maritime press. But the world at large never hears about the incidents that were contained and controlled by those on board. By responding quickly and correctly, many emergencies have been brought under control. Injury, loss of time, and damage to the ship have been greatly reduced and eliminated. Although the offices on the watch has a vital role to play initiating the ship's response to any incident, the primary responsibility remains with the safe navigation of the ship. During the watch, the watchkeeping officer is in charge of the ship. Most of the time, normal routine work will fill every minute of the watch. It is only rarely that emergencies occur, but when they do occur, your response as the watchkeeping officer is a crucial component in dealing with it. How you respond, depend on the requirements of your companies' emergency response manual. We show here a number of typical examples, starting with the gyro failure. On hearing the alarm, the officer on the watch switches to the second gyro, if one is available...

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