Bridge Procedures - Voyage Planning.


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This video is going to examine one of the key tasks on the ship - voyage planning by the navigating officer. A good voyage plan with all the information including information needed in emergencies, is the only basis for a safe voyage. Poor voyage planning may not always result in an accident, but it puts the watchkeeping officer in a weak position if the things are starting to go wrong, and inevitable they will one day. As well as reducing accidents and improving safety, regulation 34 of SOLAS Chapter V requires all ships to have a voyage plan before proceeding to sea. The information it gives frees the watchkeeping officer from spending time on reference books and tables, it will ensure that the officer is fully aware of all requirements. The plan is to cover the entire voyage from berth to berth. It must be completed well before the departure and must be approved by the master. If the voyage plan is your responsibility, you need to be aware that doing it properly takes time. The first step is to check that all the necessary charts and publications are up-to-date and that no change is taking place to the scheduled destination. Next, there must be a discussion with the master to take into account all the commercial requirements. The master's experience will enable him to suggest a route, pointing out potential hazards. One issue to discuss with the master is weather routing...

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