cargo stowage and securing
Charles Bliault
North of England P&I Association Limited
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   The correct, satisfactory and adequate securing and stowage of the cargo are of critical importance for the overall safety of the ship's crew, the ship, and the cargo itself. If the cargo is not properly stowed and secured, taking into account the time of the year and the intended voyage, subject cargo may easily get shifted from its original position and start moving, potentially sustaining serious damage and also causing the damage to the vessel and even endanger the human lives. The content of the present LP Guide is intended to take the readers through some fundamental practical rules that shall be remembered by all people involved in cargo operations during each loafing and securing of the cargo; it clearly describes where they can found all relevant rules and regulations, general industry recommendations and required guidance, as well as the recommended established methods that shall be used for specific cargo items; it also provides readers with the necessary guidance related to the points to remember during the planning of the passage and during the passage itself. The authors of the volume has set out the fundamentals and give the references to the documents providing the rules to follow. The Guide contains lot of the useful information, e.g. relating to the calculation of the lashings, taken from the relevant Codes, but only those considered essential to make the text clearly understood...

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