Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment

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Date 2013
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   Nowadays, almost all of the national maritime authorities require that the lifting appliances installed on board ships must be approved, examined, tested and subsequently certified by the person or organization considered competent, prior to putting them into actual service. The certification provided by Lloyd's Register classification society is internationally recognized and worldwide accepted and respected. As a result, Lloyd's Register may undertake all necessary certification as well as subsequent periodical inspections in order to ensure compliance of the shipboard lifting appliances with applicable requirements of all relevant statutory instruments. Ships and/or offshore installations having the lifting appliances that have been constructed and tested in compliance with the structural as well as machinery requirements listed in the present LR Code, may be assigned the Special Features classification notations by LR. This document shall apply to all marine and offshore lifting appliances, including cranes, derrick crane systems, ramps and lifts, launch and recovery systems, etc. It shall also apply to ship lift and transfer system installations used to raise and lower the ships using their winches/jacks.  The appliances that have not been mentioned above should be treated on the general basis of the present document.

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