Dangerous & Difficult Bulk Cargoes - Best Practice and the IMSBC Code

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   Many of us are aware of the risks associated with the loading and unloading of bulk cargo. But it is not always obvious that the cargoes themselves and their carriage can also be a serious hazard. Some bulk carriers have loaded cargoes which have later liquefied, leading to instability and capsize; other vessels have loaded cargoes which have suffered violent chemical reaction resulting in catastrophic explosion and fatal consequences. We need a way of knowing how to handle these cargoes safely, by identifying any potential risks before it is too late. That is why there is a code book which must be aboard any bulk carrier, that sets out the requirements associated with complex and solid dangerous bulk cargo. It is called the IMSBC Code and it is not just another set of rules. It is an essential tool to help prevent accidents. This Code guides us about the risks from different cargoes, of structural damage, personal safety, effect on stability, as well as procedures concerning security and cargo testing. And, what is the most important, the Code is there to provide reference to help ship officers assess whether or not to accept the particular bulk cargo.. This video training film shall be supplementing the training booklet providing the text information on same topic.

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