Elizabethan Sea Dogs 1560-1605

Author(s)                 Angus Konstam, Angus McBride
Publisher Osprey Publishing
Date 2000
Pages 64
Format pdf
Size 12 Mb

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   Another book by Angus Konstam, the author of the nice publication dedicated to the Pirate Ships. All readers who have a look in this remarkably detailed and interesting title, will definitely find all beginnings of the naval attacks of the Spanish Main, commerce voyages of Hawkings, Drakes fascinating career, as well as attacks that have been directly sanctioned by Queen Elizabeth on Spanish areas and fleets, and many other relevant aspects. The author of the book has provided a very comprehensive description of the different types of vessels, addressing their strengths and weaknesses. Among the other interesting points we would mention the relevant tactical doctrines that have seriously influenced both Spanish and English naval warfare, with the English warfare investing mainly in speed and firepower and the Spanish warfare investing in short-ranged firepower and boarding actions. Numerous illustrative plates prepared by Angus McBride are really excellent. In short, the readers all around the planet have treated this volume as a worthy and truly impartial introduction to the subject, providing all required information about the topics covered. Definitely a nice book to have a look in.

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