steel manual

Author(s) Michael Degner
Publisher Steel Institute VDEh
Date 2008
Pages 189
Format djvu
Size 61 Mb







This book has been intended to serve as a valuable training manual and provides the thorough guidance on the steel to everyone involved in construction, including shipbuilding and repair industry. The readers have already named it a best introduction to steel production.

The book starts with the general information about the steel providing the fundamentals including the steel grades. This chapter is followed by the one devoted to the raw materials used for the iron and steel production, while in the next chapter the process of making steel from the ore is described. The fourth chapter is dealing with the reduction of iron ores while the fifth chapter addresses the steel casting processes.

The remaining part of the manual focuses on the iron and steel castings, forming of the steel, materials and quality management, plant management, applications of the steels and so many other issues. Such coverage of topics has made this manual very popular among the engineers of different industries, i.e. all those using steel or any steel products. Taking into consideration how widely steel is used in shipbuilding and repair, the usefulness and importance of such manual for the shipyard personnel, practicing engineers and students is clearly obvious.

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