Fire Protection, Fire Detection and Fire Extinguishing

Author(s)                 Mohd Hanif Dewan
Publisher International Maritime Academy
Date 2014
Pages 292
Format pdf
Size 4.9 Mb

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   The training booklet prepared by M. Hanif Dewan, Senior Engineering Lecturer in the International Maritime Academy in Bangladesh last year. Contents as follows: Fire; Fire hazards and sources; Types of fires; Fire triangle; Fire spread; Conduction; Radiation; Convection; Fire hazards in engine room, galley, accommodation; Fire hazards from cargoes; Four phases of fire development; Methods of fire detection; Automatic fire detection systems; Manual Fire Detection - Pull Stations; Automatic Detectors – Spot type, photoelectric, inonisation, heat/thermal, rate-of-rise, combination; Smoke and flame detectors; Air sampling; Maintenance and testing; Notification and alarming appliances; Fire Alarm Circuit Classes; Additional Fire Alarm Terminology; Fire extinguishing merthods and agents; Fire fighting systems; Fire main; International shore connection; Automatic fire sprinklers...

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