Deep Marine Mineral Resources

Author(s) Yves Fouquet, Denis Lacroix
Publisher Springer
Date 2012
Pages 150
Format pdf
Size 20 Mb







Today, existing risks of possible serious shortages for some critically important metals and serious uncertainty about the known/expected reserves of other metals, that are located on the land, are justifying the searches for the diversification of the sources of supply and to the investigation of their potential. The existing resources of minerals that are situated in the deep sea have already attracted rapt attention of the industry; note that the interest to the those resources is constantly increasing in line with the discoveries of different forms of ores.

The study contained in this volume is mainly intended to take stock of the professional experience as well as the relevant technical knowledge, directly related to the mineralizations together with the associated metals and technologies available to explore and exploit them; moreover, the biological diversity and all possible impacts on the environment plus the partnerships vital for Europe and France, possessing the areas of mineral resources in the seafloors of three oceans, have been dealt with.

The info selected for the inclusion into the volume will be equally useful and practical for all people involved in making key decisions in preparing and implementing the strategies, various development programs and relevant researches, and commercial utilizations for subject resources...

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