Fishing boats of the world

Author(s) Jan-Olof Traung
Publisher Fishing Books Ltd.
Date 1975
Pages var.
Format pdf
Size 146 Mb







Have a look into this book - it is one of the best-selling classic books on the construction and building of fishing boats edited by Jan-Olof Traung so many years ago. It was republished in higher quality and digitized. Note that it is still very popular and actual; the content of this book is arranged in two parts covering virtually all information that was considered to be useful and interesting for people dealing with design and construction of the fishing boats as well as for the people actually using the boats for fishing every day.

It equally covers hull construction and local/overall strength issues, and addresses ship machinery design, installation and operation. Sea behavior has also been covered in this volume since it is obviously one of the critically important aspects of the boat operation. This is really some kind of full encyclopedia of boats which will is truly a must-have one for boat builders and seamen.

Highly recommended not only to the people working on the construction and/or repair of the fishing boats but also to the boaters; having a clear understanding of the construction an arrangements of your boat, including the hull, machinery and outfitting, will definitely help you in handling the boat at sea and making your voyages safe.

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