Mechanical Engineering Principles

Author(s) John Bird, Carl Ross
Publisher Newnes
Date 2002
Pages 290
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb







This book aims to broaden the people's knowledge of the fundamental principles of the mechanical engineering design together with the operation of the various mechanical systems. The work of the engineering systems and products of today mainly rely on the static/dynamic principles. Even the entirely electronic systems still have some physical presence that are being governed by statics principles.

For better clarity, the text contained in this book has been arranged in three major parts, and the first part addresses the statics and material strength, including the acting forces, types of testing, shear forces, bending moments etc. The second part addresses dynamics, including friction, linear/angular motion, acceleration, energy and power etc., while the last part is mainly dedicated to the fluid mechanics and transfer of heat, including hydrostatics, fluid flow, thermal expansion, associated measurements etc.

The content of the publication contained nearly three hundred of practical worked problems, that have been followed by almost five hundred of further problems; note that all problems have been provided with correct answers. In addition to that, a book contains hundreds of multiple-choice questions, also with answers, and huge number of other supplementary materials. Numerous line diagrams have also been included to enhance the understanding. 

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