jutland 1916
Charles London
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   The interested readers have already found this volume remarkably informative and enjoyable. The content is reflecting the "British" point of view on the story, containing so many relevant historical facts and details. Numerous excellent maps are supplementing the text descriptions, allowing readers to better understand what happened. According to the feedbacks, this volume is exactly what the intelligent readers would expect. such endeavor. Talking about the battle itself, the people will always award the overall victory according to their personal judgment. The book should be highly recommended to the people with the interest in naval history and naval warfare of the past centuries, even regardless of the background. Even the general readers will definitely find the content of this title fascinating, appreciating the historical information, images and maps. Charles London has made the professional selective use of the technical information and data available on the famous naval battle, noting that the gunnery possessed by the both sides was nearly same and also noting the fact that technical advantages and defects of the designs of the ships participating in the battle from both sides actually did cancel each other out. Numerous beautiful illustrations by Howard Gerrard are the excellent supplement to the text content.

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