MaK M601 - M601C Engineers Handbook

Author(s)                 Caterpillar
Publisher Caterpillar
Date 1999
Pages 67
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb

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   MaK CAT M601-M601C document. Contents - Engine data and operating data; Cylinder head - instructions for tightening with hydraulic jacks; Rocket arm bracket - inlet and exhaust valve rocket; Valve clearance and guide; Starting and fuel injection valves; Exhaust gas manifold and exhaust valve; Inlet valve seat ring; Valve stem; Piston; Liners; Connecting rod; Main bearing; Counterweight; Gear drive; Governor drive; Camshaft; Fuel injection pumps; Flange shaft, flywheel , turbocharger and change air cooler mounting; Connecting screws; Tie rod; Firing sequences; Valve timings; Sizes and weights.

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