Marine Ecology in a Changing World

Author(s)                 Andres Hugo Arias, Maria Clara Menendez
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2013
Pages 270
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb

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   We are all aware of the fact that the world is changing quite rapidly and in past decades the technological progress in the fields of communication, robotics and others has been very impressive, and this all also improved our ability to explore the ocean and get the correct and reliable info about its ecology. This volume opens with a brief yet comprehensive overview of the basics of marine ecology, including the water quality, stability of the ecosystems, and biological diversity. The other chapters of the publication have been arranged as per the major bio-orders, starting from the primary producers to mammals, and up to the primary consumers, fisheries and sea weeds. The information contained in this book will definitely provide students, professionals, scientists and researchers with the excellent broad view and cutting-edge data relating to the marine life facing deviations from the fundamentals of the theory. The first chapter introduces readers to the general aspects of the oceanography, the second chapter is dealing with the coastal marine biological diversity, while the following chapters address the effects of ocean-climate changes, summarize both observed and potential responses to the populations of the zooplankton to the changes in climate, describe the berthing organisms, history of marine mammals, basic concepts of the ecology of the seaweeds etc.

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