Mechanisms & Mechanical Devices Sourcebook

Author(s)                 Neil Sclater, Nicholas P. Chironis
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 2001
Pages 500
Format pdf
Size 18.6 Mb

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   This third release of the perfect pictorial directory, providing readers with the informative drawings and easy-to-follow and understand technical descriptions of the proven components and mechanisms, together with the mechanical devices. The carefully compiled index of the publication allows readers to quickly find any specific mechanical component. They will get all required assistance in recycling the successful and effective mechanical inventions into the newly developed products, designing the very basic mechanisms from scratch using the info provided in a form of tutorial text and supplemented with the mathematical formulas etc. The content of the volume will let them to stay in the loop of the ongoing and of the future trends and achievements in the field of mechanical engineering as well as machine design, using the up-to-date treatments of the various motion control systems, associated software, industrial robots, etc. The present book includes the technical drawings and descriptions of more than two thousand mechanisms and devices. The publication has been specifically developed and aimed at the people who like to spend their time in the workshops inventing new stuff. The drawings contained in the book will be of great help in understanding the operating principles of the mechanical devices.

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