Working with Tugs

Author(s) Alan Palmer
Publisher Videotel
Date 2008
Pages 49
Format pdf
Size 4 Mb







Vessel entering sea ports commonly have to work in a very restricted areas with quite limited room for the maneuvering; in the mean time, the long-distance offshore tow voyages have some specific problems. Both forces and loads that are involved in the towing process are also extremely high.

Moreover, you will have to take weather's unpredictability into consideration, as well as the tide and condition of the sea - think about this all and it will become clear that in fact towing a vessel is a very complicated and dangerous operation.

That is why it is essential to minimize all associated risks through ensuring best operational procedures by every single participant o the towing operation - starting from the deck crew and up to the Master, including crew members of the tugs, bridge officers and all others. The content of this guidebook has been designed to provide required assistance to the people working with tugs in the safest manner.

Though it should not be treated as a comprehensive instruction book on working with tugs, its content is primarily dealing with the safety issues to be considered when preparing for the towing and performing all operations. This video film shall be used as the supplement.

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