Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate

Author(s)                 Murry L. Salby
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Date 2012
Pages 718
Format pdf
Size 23.8 Mb

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   This new book by Murry Salby was specifically written with the intention to provide all interested readers with an integrated treatment of all processes that control the Earth-Atmosphere system. The content of the volume has been developed on the basis of the initial principles through the proper balance of theory and possible applications. The book is built on the materials contained in the previous publication by the author, with its scope being significantly expanded to include the climate matters. This is an excellent textbook for the intermediate level students and we would recommend it to be used as the reference source for both researchers and graduates - the text in the publication is supported with the problems and their solutions explained in detail. The volume will provide a conceptual and at the same time quantitative understanding of the various controlling influences, that are integrated via the theory and their applications. The book was released to lead the readers through the development of the various physical processes shaping the weather, climate, and global energetics. There are several problems of different difficulty, presented at the end of the each chapter to develop the knowledge and quantitative application of the students; subject problems are supported by correct answers and solutions.

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