Pipeline Design & Construction - A Practical Approach

Author(s)                  M. Mohitpour, H. Golshan, A. Murray
Publisher American Society of Civil Engineers
Date 2003
Pages 299
Format pdf
Size 9.2 Mb

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   Have a look in this new second release of the popular practical books on pipelines; its authors have thoroughly revised the whole content of the volume in order to include the updated info on the recognized standards and codes, practical solutions to the popular technical problems, additional sources of reference, and newly added clarifications to the existing text. Numerous corrections have been made to the formulas, texts. data tables and drawings. The publication will offer readers both practical and straightforward technique for design and construction of pipelines, making the volume a really ideal professional tool for reference and training. The authors have presented different elements making up a single-phase liquid/gas pipeline systems, covering such the important aspects as the commissioning and assessment of the pipelines and associated facilities. They have also paid particular attention to the transmission of gas and liquid, pumping arrangements, compression, integrity and protection of the pipelines as well as the project management. The team of authors has also given some proven math models and real life case studies, sketches and also clear technical descriptions of the pipeline systems. The book contains the practical approach commonly uses in the everyday construction processes for the oil and gas pipelines. The authors have reflected every step of the above stated processes.

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